Cryo-EM laboratory equipment


Access to High-resolution single particle EM facilities


Until cryo-ARM300 is operational at VUB we have access to NeCEN, eBIC and other multiuser cryo-EM facilities  for acquisition of high-resolution data on Titan Krios microscopes equipped with direct electron detector.




Transmission electron microscope operating at accelerating voltage of 120 kV  equipped with LaB6 cathode




High sensitivity 4016×4016 pixel CMOS camera of 2d generation combined with   software for  automated image collection allows using the microscope for collection hundreds of high quality  images automatically.

ELMO Glow discharge system

263-231-elmosmallThis instrument allows treatment of carbon grids with plasma. This cleans grid’s surface and renders it hydrophilic enhancing absorption of proteins on the surface of carbon.

Cryo transfer holder Gatan-626 Cryo-transfer-626

This sample holder is cooled to liquid nitrogen temperature. It allows transferring electron microscopy grids inside of the electron microscope and to take images of protein samples vitrified in thin layer of amorphous ice at cryogenic temperature (cryo-EM).


Gatan CP3 cryoplunge         

   Home-built cryo-plunge

with temperature controlled ethane and sample and automated  humidity control.

computer cluster

The high-resolution single particle datasets are processed on HYDRA – a high-performance computer cluster of VUB


Microfluidics chip fabrication

  Mask Aligner KUB-3

Plasma cleanerSpin coater

Programmable hot plate

Biochemistry lab

Our department  is equipped with the state of the art instruments for  protein purification,  biochemical and biophysical protein characterizatino:

  • Äkta systems
  • Ultracentrifuge
  • UV-Vis Spectrometers
  • Fluorimeters
  • CD spectrometer
  • ITC, etc.

SBRC also have in house X-ray generator, SAXS and NMR spectrometers for structural analysis of proteins.