There are open position for Master thesis for 2014-2015 academic year.

Research project:
The master thesis will be focused on the structural studies of calcium release channel also known as ryanodine receptor. It is the largest membrane protein complex playing pivotal role in muscular contraction as well as is an important drug target for muscular and cardiac diseases.  You will use cryogenic transmission electron microscopy and method of single particle analysis to determine the high-resolution structure of calcium release channel and to understand how structural changes induced in the cytoplasmic domain of the protein trigger calcium release through its trans-membrane ion channel.

In course of the thesis project you will learn following experimental techniques:

  • Solubilization and purification of eukaryotic membrane protein
  • Protein expression and purification in E.coli
  • SDS-PAGE gradient gels
  • Chromatography: affinity and size exclusion
  • Negative stain and cryogenic electron microscopy
  • 3D reconstruction by single particle analysis
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