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Current openings


Electron microscopist 

VIB Structural Biology Center is seeking an electron microscopist to manage our Biological High-Resolution Cryo-EM Facility that will serve to a large community of users and external, including European, users.

The cryo-EM facility manager will be responsible for ensuring efficient operation of the center including assisting cryo-EM users with sample preparation for single particle and tomography experiments, data collection, user training and maintaining microscopes in the best conditions.

The candidate should have an extensive experience in transmission electron microscopy. Preferred candidate will have experience in biological cryo-EM and structural biology methods.

VIB Structural Biology Center is located in Brussels and houses research groups with strong expertize in protein biochemistry, X-ray crystallography, NMR, biophysics, nanobody technology and electron microscopy. Our department tightly collaborates with other VIB departments on cutting edge biological research problems ranging form human diseases to plant biotechnology. The department is establishing a state-of-the-art cryo-EM facility for high-resolution single particle cryo-EM and cryo-tomography. The facility will include a new generation JEOL cryoARM300 300 kV electron microscope equipped with direct electron detector and two JEOL JEM1400 120 kV electron microscopes for sample screening and imaging negatively stained samples.

For further enquiries please contact Rouslan Efremov (

To apply send your CV, letter of motivation and contact details of two referees to Rouslan Efremov

Closing date: February 28, 2017


Postdoctoral position: Cryo-EM on biological molecular machines

This multidisciplinary project focuses on development methodology for time-resolved single particle cryo-EM and will combine methodological develomplents for rapid reaction initiation using microfluidics, preparation of biological samples, single particle cryo-EM and image processing.

The ideal candidates will have PhD in structural biology/biophysics physics/physics/engineering or related discipline, have strong interest in structural biology, molecular machines in particular, and excellent experimentalists/engineering skills.

Prior experience in microfluidics and one or more of the following: electronics, microfluidic actuators, microfabrication, fast mixing, optics, programming is of an advantage.

Apply online at:

Closing date: March 1st, 2017


Postdoctoral position: Method development for single particle cryo-EM

We are looking for a motivated postdoc to develop novel sample preparation techniques for cryogenic microscopy using microfluidics  with the goal of miniaturizing sample preparation methodology. The new methods will open opportunities for visualizing at atomic resolution biological molecular machines not accessible using current technologies.

The ideal candidate will have PhD in physics/biophysics/(bio)engineering or related discipline  and will be experienced in designing, fabricating and using microfluidic integrated devices, preferentially for biological applications and have a strong interest in structural biology. Previous experience with proteins, protein purification, structural biology or electron microscopy will be of an advantage.

The candidate will have an opportunity to learn electron microscopy and methods for determining protein structures using single particle cryo-EM. Our laboratory is experienced in production, purification and structure determination of proteins as well as in engineering, programming, designing and building instruments.

Apply online at:

PhD position: Studies of structural dynamics of molecular machines using single particle cryo-EM

The PhD project will focus on studies of the functional dynamics in a molecular machine using time-resolved single particle cryo-EM. The project will involve extensive single particle cryo-EM, image processing, biochemistry and molecular biology.

The candidates with strong background in physics/mathematics and knowledge of biochemistry and molecular biology are welcome to apply.  For further enquiries please contact Rouslan Efremov . To apply submit your CV,  letter of motivation and contact details of two referees. Preferred starting date is between August and October 2017.




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